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At a recent town hall meeting in Troy, NY, retired Major General Mark Graham talked about the prevalence of suicide in the military. With suicide rates among American military personnel being higher than the number of soldiers killed in battle, the importance of helping these men and women to cope is greater than ever. Held by the American Society for the Prevention of Suicide, the meeting’s goal was to raise awareness about the struggles of those in the military who are coping with extreme situations or having a hard time coping with civilian life.

Help for Those Who Struggle

Many individuals who take their own lives may feel isolated and like no one can help them. Others may feel unable to cope with their memories of frightening and tragic situations. For them, suicide may seem like the only way to escape the memory of the painful things they have experienced. Many individuals who attempt or complete suicide also struggle with mental health disorders. While no single therapy or method works for everyone, treating these disorders often involves at least two main components:

  • Therapy. Talk therapy and behavior therapy can help the individual discover alternative solutions to their issues as well as new, healthier behaviors.
  • Medications. Antidepressants are often used to improve moods and help alleviate symptoms that may cause suicidal tendencies.

Restoring Mental Wellness

Living with mental health issues makes life much more difficult, but with therapy and support from those close to them, most individuals can discover better mental health. If someone you love in Troy is struggling with mental health symptoms, call this number today to learn more about the treatment options available that can help them heal.

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