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When a man was arrested for wandering around outside naked near Utica, New York, he was charged under the state mental health law. Illegal substances were found in his system – which may or may not have worked in conjunction with pre-existing mental health issues to create his current situation.

Arrest is an extreme result of mental health symptoms that go untreated, but there are a number of consequences of avoiding appropriate mental health care – and they can affect the entire family. If you are concerned for the health and wellness of someone you love in Utica, NY, don’t wait to contact us and learn more about the types of mental health treatment options that can help them heal.

When It’s Time to Intervene

Watching your loved one slowly sink under the weight of negative consequences for untreated mental health symptoms can be painful. But it’s not an issue that you can magically fix with a snap of your fingers. The truth is that healing and help are possible but it takes time and effort – all of which starts when someone cares enough to reach out and have the difficult conversations, doing the initial work to find the proper mental health treatment program and go through the enrollment process.

Which Mental Health Treatment Program Is Right for Your Loved One?

Opening the phonebook and calling the first mental health care provider you see isn’t the way to make such an important choice for your Utica loved one. Instead, contact us at the phone number listed above and speak to a professional about your family member’s choices in mental health treatment services. Call now to begin.

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