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More than 18,000 jobs in the White Plains, New York area were in the hands of a bankruptcy court judge in 2012 when the Hostess company sought to sell off assets and file Chapter 11. Meanwhile, the 18,000 employees were left to deal with a gamut of emotions as they waited to hear their fate.

So many mental health issues can result in the face of job loss and threat of financial devastation. It’s an increasingly common scenario, and it’s one that White Plains, NY families must deal with in a very real way. Security, the sense of control over one’s own life, fear of the future and what will happen to house payments and retirement savings and children – it can be overwhelming.

If someone you love in White Plains is struggling with mental health symptoms, help is available. Call us now to speak to someone about the types of mental health treatment that can pinpoint the problem and provide directed, evidence-based care today.

Mental Health Disorders Triggered by Job Loss

  • Eating disorders. Feeling a lack of control, some may attempt to regain control by restricting their caloric intake or developing an issue with binge eating.
  • Depression. Unsure of the future, many sink into a state of despair.
  • Anxiety. Panic and generalized anxiety disorders are not uncommon when financial stability is threatened.
  • Addiction issues. In an attempt to medicate the feelings of loss and fear, many turn to alcohol and other drugs to find an escape – but ultimately develop an addiction that only worsens the problem.

Dig Your Way Out of Despair: Call Now

Finding a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation is not something you have to undertake alone. Contact us now and speak to a counselor about your options in mental health treatment and get the resources you need to not only heal but to move forward in your life – today.

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