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Help for mental illnesses and drug and alcohol addiction is never far away for North Carolina residents. Whether you call Carrboro or Selma home, or live nearer to the mountains in Boone or the beach at Wilmington, you can find a North Carolina mental health treatment center near by. The state is home to a number of treatment centers with the tools and know-how to combat an addiction or treat a mental illness. For those who struggle with both issues at the same time, North Carolina dual diagnosis treatment centers are available to provide a well-rounded treatment that addresses both problems in the same program.

Types of North Carolina Addiction Treatment

There are a number of different types of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and services in North Carolina. For those who have commitments to a job or to family members, a North Carolina outpatient drug rehab is an option. For those who have the time, an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is advised. Anyone who experiences withdrawal symptoms will require detox; the type will vary depending upon the drug of addiction. After detox and addiction treatment, aftercare services will help you avoid relapse. Services like group counseling, support group sessions, and sober living or group homes are the best options in North Carolina.

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Whether you are living with cocaine addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety or a combination thereof, there is a North Carolina treatment center with a program designed just for you. Call the phone number listed above and allow us to help you locate the right treatment center for you.

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