In Kettering

With mental health issues taking the spotlight nationwide, states are seeing the importance of providing care for people with mental health disorders. Several states that have cut mental health expenditures in the last few years are now reconsidering those budget cuts.

Ohio Governor John Kasich announced a plan in 2012 to allocate state health funds to improve mental health services throughout the state for children, teenagers, and young adults in their early 20s. Governor Kasich‘s administration hopes that these funds will be used to improve and modernize mental health care in Ohio towns like Kettering, OH.

Types of Mental Disorders

Many people who are unfamiliar with mental disorders may wonder what to look for. Some common mental health disorders and their descriptions are listed below:

  • Depression. Severe despondency and dejection. Signs include feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating and decreased interest in life.
  • Anxiety disorder. A blanket term used for a variety of disorders marked mainly by severe anxiety.
  • Dementia. A chronic disorder caused by brain injury or disease. Signs include memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.
  • Schizophrenia. A long-term mental disorder involving a breakdown of thought processes and poor emotional responsiveness. Signs may include auditory hallucinations, paranoia, bizarre delusions, disorganized speech and thinking, and social or occupational dysfunction.
  • Bipolar disorder. A disorder marked by alternating periods of happiness and depression.

Help for All

Caring for our families means caring for them in every way we can. If you suspect that someone in your family in Kettering is suffering from a mental health disorder, help is available. Please call the number above to learn more.