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Ohio Governor John Kasich wants to expand Medicaid in Ohio to help residents get mental health care that they might not be able to afford. This expansion would also benefit local mental health agencies across the state by restoring services that were cut out of past budgets. The Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, which serves towns like Mansfield, OH, could possibly redistribute almost a half-million dollars to other areas of need such as housing assistance, suicide prevention education, and vocational training for individuals suffering from mental health disorders.

A Combination of Factors Contribute to Mental Health Issues

Mental health disorders are as real and serious as physical disorders such as heart disease and diabetes. Sadly, many people neglect their mental health and do not seek treatment or support for their mental health issues. Depression, a common mental health disorder, is a very treatable condition. Some believe that depression is an inherited trait while some may blame external factors. Although there is not a definitive cause for depression, a number of factors seem to contribute to it:

  • Biology. Depressed individuals seem to have a different brain structure than others.
  • Neurotransmitters. Natural chemicals that regulate moods can play a role in depression.
  • Trauma in childhood. Traumatic events early in life can make an individual more susceptible to depression.
  • Hormones. Changes in hormones or hormonal imbalances can cause or exacerbate symptoms.
  • Circumstances. Stress, tragedies, natural disasters, or even financial troubles can trigger a range of symptoms.

Address Specific Symptoms Through Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

When someone you love in Mansfield has a mental health disorder, getting them proper care is vital to helping them become healthy. If you want to know more about treatment options for a loved one, contact us today.

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