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About $1.5 million was awarded to counties across the state of Ohio to implement programs addressing the mental health treatment of inmates. Marion, Ohio, and neighboring Crawford County received $145,640 to hire two therapists in order to better screen those who leave jail and assess their mental health treatment needs. The hope is that if those who were formerly incarcerated get the help they need to move toward a place of balance, and then they will be less likely to commit more crimes and harm themselves or others.

Moving Forward

It’s not uncommon for those who are living with untreated mental health symptoms to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whether they commit acts that are violent in nature, struggle with substance abuse, have a difficult time managing anger, or simply believe themselves to be outside or above the law, the result is often jail time – not the mental health care they need.

Unfortunately, this often means that the behaviors continue and the negative consequences of those behaviors pile up over time. It can be frustrating for the person and ultimately cause far more problems than they can manage – especially in their current mental state.

Treatment Is the Answer

If your loved one has found himself on the wrong side of the law or you believe that his behaviors will soon put him behind bars, you can help. Encouraging him to take steps toward recovery by utilizing mental health treatment options can be a life-changer. Actionable coping mechanisms can be employed starting immediately that can serve to help him alter the behaviors that are causing him – and you – stress.

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