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Empty nest syndrome is often a tongue-in-cheek term used to describe the changes that come when the last of the children move out of the house and into adult life. However, studies show that the depression that many parents feel when their children leave home is very real indeed – and can even be debilitating.

If you are living in Youngstown, Ohio and losing your children to college, travel, jobs and/or marriage, you can get the help you need to find the positive in your new stage in life and the coping skills to deal with the symptoms of depression and anxiety that are often part of the experience. Contact us today to talk about the mental health treatment options that can help.

Different Stages of Life Can Trigger Mental Health Symptoms

The act of children leaving home signifies that it’s time to make some serious shifts in how you live your life. Your priorities, your daily routine, your financial situation – everything will change. This can be a beautiful and exciting experience but especially for those who spent the last couple decades as stay-at-home parents dedicated to taking care of their children, it can be similar to a career change or a form of retirement. It’s not always an easy transition, and mental health treatment can help you in getting over the emotional obstacles that may be holding you back from living the life you deserve.

Get the Help You Need to Renew Your Lease on Life: Call Now

If you’re ready to find mental health treatment and process the changes that are affecting your life in Youngstown, it’s time to give us a call. Our counselors are standing by all hours of the night and day. Contact us now.

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