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Residents of Beaverton, Oregon who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, manic episodes, and other mood disorders and disturbances often have to fight against the stereotypes that many people hold. Why? In the media, the focus is on the statistical few who commit crimes due to untreated symptoms of mood disorders. As a result, many believe that violent and criminal behavior is a symptom of bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. It can make life difficult for those living with the disorder, and these stereotypes can even be an obstacle to treatment.

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Is Violence a Part of Living With Bipolar Disorder and Other Mental Health Issues?

Sometimes – but not usually. More often, emotionally explosive episodes define the manic or depressive periods of mood disorders. These can be difficult for family members to deal with but they are very rarely in any physical danger when they occur.

Family members can learn more about the disease that their loved one is living with in order to better understand what to expect during different mood episodes. This focus on education can help you to identify when your loved one is behaving “normally” as per the standard of the diagnosis and when they are exhibiting unusual symptoms. The information you provide about your loved one’s experience can increase the efficacy of treatment and help them to get the right treatment for their needs.

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