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Genetics often play a part in the development of mental health disorders like social anxiety. If an immediate family member is diagnosed with the disorder, you have a higher chance of developing the issue as well. However, environment may play a part as well so it’s possible to be living with a social phobia even if you know no one with the same problem.

If you are concerned that social anxiety is a problem for you or your family member in Erie, Pennsylvania, contact us at the phone number listed above. We can connect you with a diagnostician and the evidence-based mental health care you need to begin the healing process. See More: Jamestown Treatment Services.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Medication and psychotherapy are the common choices for treatment when social phobia is the issue, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. When looking for the mental health care treatment program that is right for your family, you need to look for:

  • Comprehensive treatment. A mental health treatment program that offers everything you need to heal is essential, especially since you won’t know what will work for you until you begin treatment.
  • Personalized care. It’s important to choose a mental health treatment program that takes into consideration your unique experiences and treats all issues contributing to the social anxiety, including trauma and co-occurring disorders.
  • Regular check-ins. You will need to check in with your psychiatrist and other therapists regularly to determine whether or not your treatment is moving along at the rate anticipated.
  • Aftercare services. If you choose inpatient treatment to start with, you will need to follow up your treatment with aftercare services that help you to stay on track with your treatment.

Find Out How You or Your Erie, PA Family Member Can Heal From Social Phobias

You can learn more about the mental health treatment options available for you or your family when you contact us at the phone number above. Call now. We can offer real help to those from the Erie, PA area; there are treatment options available across the US.

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