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After the Sandy Hook school tragedy in December 2012, members of an Amish community near Lancaster, PA wrote letters to the grieving families hoping to offer comfort. This Nickel Mines Amish community understood well what the Connecticut families were dealing with, having gone through a similar tragedy in 2006. Their community learned about grief and the process of healing from those traumatic events, and they were doing what they could to help others.

When Tragedy Strikes

People who experience traumatic events develop different ways of coping with them. Some people choose very unhealthy ways of dealing with the tragedy. In order to prevent traumatized individuals from dealing with tragedy or trauma in an unhealthy fashion, the American Psychological Association has given a few helpful healthy suggestions:

  • Give yourself time to adjust. Be patient with the healing process and take time to readjust to life after trauma.
  • Get support from loved ones. Your friends and family care about you and will help you walk through the healing process.
  • Talk it out. Discuss your traumatic experiences with one or two people you trust.
  • Find a support group. Interact with people who understand what you are going through.
  • Build positive habits. Engage in positive behaviors that will help you deal with grief and stress constructively.
  • Get professional help. Mental health treatment professionals can help you along the road to recovery from trauma.

Help in Difficult Times

If dealing with traumatic experiences in Lancaster is more than you can handle, help is available. Mental health professionals can help you through the recovery process. Call this number today to learn about getting the help you need through psychotherapeutic treatment and intervention.

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