Teens That Abuse

Teen prescription drug addiction treatment: when it’s necessary, it’s necessary immediately. Every day you allow your teen to continue living with prescription drug addiction without detox and treatment is a day where overdose, negligent and dangerous behavior, and death are a risk. Every day your child goes to school – or doesn’t – under the influence of prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax, Ambien and other drugs, they lose that day and all its possibilities. The only way to effectively and safely help your teen to stop taking their drug of choice is to enroll him or her in a teen prescription drug addiction treatment center.

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Teen Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment: How To Help Your Child

Helping your child starts with getting them into treatment, and to assist them in getting in the right frame of mind for the experience, many parents opt to start with a teen drug addiction intervention. At an intervention, you have the opportunity to sit your child down together with close friends and family and bring up specific examples of how their prescription drug addiction is hurting them and those close to them. In this way, when anecdote after anecdote is presented to them, they can more easily understand and accept that they need treatment and accept that treatment right away.

Types of Treatment Centers

You have a number of options when it comes to choosing a teen prescription drug addiction help treatment center for your child. There are outpatient teen prescription drug detox centers that offer a long-term medicated detox. This option allows your child to immediately stop taking his or her prescription and begin instead to take a more controlled substance that can be lowered in dose over time. Followed with outpatient teen prescription drug addiction treatment that includes counseling and support groups, this can be extremely effective in treatment drug addiction while allowing your child to continue to attend school.

Another option is inpatient teen prescription drug addiction treatment programs. Here you can find both drug detox as well as therapy and a variety of treatments, both traditional and alternative. When followed up with aftercare treatment – extended therapy, alternative treatments, support groups and teen 12 step meetings – this is one of the most effective treatment options available for teens. Many teen drug rehabs provide school programs or work closely with your child’s school to help them avoid falling behind.

School Work

Many parents avoid enrolling their teen in prescription drug addiction treatment because they are concerned it will have an adverse effect on their school performance. There are a number of things to keep in mind if this is stopping you from getting your child the help he or she needs:

  • If your child is living with OxyContin addiction, Percocet addiction, Valium addiction, Ambien addiction or addiction to any addictive prescription drug, then he or she is already falling behind at school. Avoiding treatment will only ensure that that continues.
  • There are a number of teen outpatient drug rehab programs available. These will allow your teen to continue to attend classes and do homework as they go through detox and attend support group meetings, therapy and educational classes at prescription drug addiction treatment.
  • Many inpatient teen prescription drug addiction treatment programs will work with your child’s school and assist your child in completing homework packets sent by teachers. Some long-term inpatient teen rehabs offer a school program in connection with the treatment program so that your child will not lose a year of education.

Your child’s education will only benefit when they get the teen prescription drug addiction treatment help they need to stop using drugs.

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