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Women and Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is decidedly common among women and every year the number of women who need prescription drug addiction treatment increases as a result. With families who depend on them, many women live longer with their prescription drug addiction than do men before they opt for treatment. This can have a devastating effect on them personally and the family members who need them. Choosing prescription drug rehab is one of the most effective choices that women can make to help themselves and their families.

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Prescription Drug Addiction and Women: How It Starts

Women, more often than men, suffer from inexplicable chronic pain issues like fibromyalgia and back pain. This often translates into painkiller prescriptions and, ultimately, painkiller addiction. For women, these pills begin as a way to cope with the pain in their lives and becomes a cure-all for depression, anxiety, grief and more.

In the same way, women are more likely to find themselves with a prescription for addictive anti-anxiety medications like Valium or Xanax when they have a hard time handling stress or anxiety in their lives. Too often, these prescriptions are open ended and the women find themselves more often harmed than helped when their prescription turns into prescription drug addiction.

Social Stigma

Many women who are living with prescription drug addiction have a hard time getting the treatment that they need. The social stigma is so strong, that many women are embarrassed to admit that the problem exists at all, much less to admit that the issue has spun out of control to the point that they need prescription drug rehab. Society expects women to be able to handle a career and family with a minimum of emotion or support, always friendly and engaging with attention paid to their physical appearance while continually caring for others. This pressure can push many women further into addiction while simultaneously making it harder to find their way out.

Family Responsibilities

Family responsibilities are another reason why women often turn to prescription drugs for assistance and also find it difficult to admit that theirs is a problem that requires prescription drug addiction treatment. A number of women will take stimulant medication in an attempt to find the energy to accomplish everything they need to do and lose or maintain their weight. Mothers of children with ADD treatment medication may start “borrowing” a few pills from their children while others go overboard on diet pills or get their own prescription for depression treatment medications that are stimulants. Initially, women find that they have extra energy to manage the house, the children and their jobs while losing weight, only to find that the drug problem soon catches up to and overwhelms them. When this happens, and prescription drug rehab is necessary, it can be that much harder to pull away from the family who needs them. (See related: Teen Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment).

Gender Specific Rehab Options

Many women come to prescription drug addiction after a time of great stress, grief or serious trauma. The emotional issues wrapped up in prescription drug addiction can be quite serious and many women do not feel comfortable sharing these problems in front of a mixed gender group. For that reason, there are a number of prescription drug rehab programs that are for women and staffed by women. These centers allow women to get the focused treatment they need while surrounded by supportive women, many of whom have had the same experience. The peer support found in these facilities has been shown to be greatly effective and one of the chief reasons that women manage to maintain abstinence long after leaving the prescription drug addiction treatment program.

Find Help Near You

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