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Every state government in the country is having a hard time balancing the budget. In an effort to maintain basic maintenance of state services, social services are getting cut. South Carolina has been hit by the same fiscal crisis as the rest of the nation, and mental health treatment services are getting cut across the board.

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Budget Cuts Mean Fewer Resources for Mental Health Patients in North Charleston, S

According to a report in the Post and Courier, the Department of Mental Health budget has been cut by $81 million since 2008. In fact, mental health funding hasn’t been this low in the state since 1987. In 2010, there were only 4,081 employees at the Mental Health Department, 587 fewer than in 2008, and the cuts have also meant a huge decrease in the budget for providing apartments for patients struggling with debilitating mental illness – almost 78 percent.

Other services have been cut as well. There simply aren’t enough mental health treatment resources for the people who need them in North Charleston, South Carolina. In many cases, the best choice is to find private mental health care, treatment that may be located outside of the state. When you stop looking to public resources, your choices open up considerably. You have a wide range of treatment options, which give you the opportunity to find the best care possible for your North Charleston loved one.

Don’t Wait for the SC State Budget to Fix Itself: Find Private Mental Health Treatment Today

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