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Since the shootings in Colorado and Connecticut in 2012, the issue of gun control has become intertwined with the issue of mental health in the United States. In South Carolina, a bill was recently signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley. Called the Ashley Hall Bill, this new law will make it more difficult for individuals with documented mental illness to obtain firearms. The goal is to keep people in towns like Summerville, SC safer by restricting firearm access.

Mental Health Treatment Professionals

Choosing the appropriate professional mental health provider is important. The one you choose should be determined by the mental health symptoms experienced by your loved one, insurance, and more. There are number of types of available. Below is a list of some of these as well as their functions:

  • Primary care physician. Generalists who can diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe medications.
  • Psychiatrist. Specialized medical doctors who focus on mental health and can prescribe medications.
  • Psychologist. Specializing in psychology, these providers counsel individuals or groups.
  • Licensed professional counselor. Counselors with at least a master’s degree in the field of mental health.
  • Clinical social worker. Social workers with training in mental health care.
  • Psychiatric nurse. Registered nurses who have been trained in mental health, can diagnose mental health disorders, and sometimes prescribe medications.

Pick Up the Phone and Start Recovery

For those individuals who are struggling with mental health issues, beginning the process of healing and recovery usually requires assistance. To learn more about getting help for someone you care about, contact us today at the number above and speak to an admissions coordinator to learn more about treatment options.

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