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Depression is one of the most common diagnoses in the United States, and Tennessee residents, too, struggle with the disorder. There are a number of high-end mental health treatment programs in Tennessee to provide treatment, and families in Clifton, Tennessee can find the right one for their needs when they call the number above. Counselors who are well-versed in mental health treatment can guide you to the program that will best serve your needs or the needs of someone you care about who is living with depression. More At: Waynesboro TN Treatment Programs.

Depression Treatment Options in Psychotherapy

Perhaps the most effective psychotherapeutic option for those diagnosed with depression is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Patients with minor and moderate depression, especially, have been shown to benefit from CBT. In fact, some patients need nothing more than this type of therapy alone, while others find more benefit when CBT is combined with medication and/or other types of psychotherapeutic treatment.

What is the goal of CBT? To alter the patient’s negative perspective and corresponding actions to be more adaptive and positive. In other words, rather than viewing the world as a hostile place full of people who are intent on causing them harm, patients in CBT learn to give others the benefit of the doubt and to explore other possibilities when determining intent or goal in the actions or words of others. This alone can have a great impact on the patient’s view of the world and life in general, improving their mood and causing them to better their own lives through their actions rather than creating tense or negative situations and worsening their depression through self-perpetuating negativity.

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If you or someone you love in Clifton is fighting depression – whether it’s mild, moderate or severe – we can help you find a mental health treatment program that offers intensive psychotherapeutic care. Call now to hear more about your options in Tennessee and beyond.

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