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Adult obesity is a problem for about 27 percent of the population in Cumberland County, according to a County Health Rankings survey published by the University of Wisconsin. This can signify a number of mental health issues including depression, anxiety and binge eating disorders. Poor physical health can mean physical health problems, but it can also be a signifier of serious mental health and emotional problems as well.

If you are living in Crossville, Tennessee and struggling with obesity, mental health treatment can help you to lose weight and regain control over other parts of your life – in addition to your appearance. How? Keep reading.

Mental Health Treatment Weight Loss Benefits

Diet and exercise are what will help you to physically lose weight but keeping the weight off comes when you address the issues that may have caused you to seek refuge in food in the first place. Some benefits of mental health treatment in a weight loss program include:

  • Depression treatment. Many who are overweight and obese are depressed as a result. Depression treatment can help you to feel better.
  • Trauma therapy. If you are sabotaging your health due to a physical or mental trauma that happened to you when you were a child or a young adult, working through that trauma therapeutically can help you to heal and stop turning to food for comfort.
  • Family therapy. When everyone in your family makes unhealthy choices, it can be difficult to stay on track. Helping everyone to work together and support each other in making healthier choices can be beneficial to the whole family.
  • Nutritional counseling. Learning how to eat healthily at home, how to grocery shop effectively, and how to plan your own meals can increase your ability to continue a healthy program for the rest of your life.

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The first step to seeing the change that you want is to contact us. We can match those from Crossville, TN with a mental health treatment program that can promote healing. These programs can give you everything you need to create the “new” you. Call now.

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