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The first Thursday of every month, the First Baptist Church of Kingsport, TN opens its doors to a diverse group of people. Coming from different backgrounds, these individuals all have something in common. Their struggles with mental health issues bring them together each month to share stories, talk about problems, and encourage others’ progress. These types of mental health support groups can be a lifeline for those who feel like no one understands them.

The Benefits of Support Groups

Those who suffer from mental health issues may feel isolated by their condition. Being surrounded by others who do not share their struggles may lead the individual to become further isolated. Spending time with others who have similar issues and concerns is an important part of the recovery process. Attending a support group can help these individuals to feel supported, but there are also a number of other benefits as well:

  • Being in an environment that allows individuals the freedom to be themselves and not be judged
  • Learning new coping skills from others who have more experience dealing with mental health issues
  • Feeling free to share openly and honestly about struggles
  • Realizing that control over their issues is possible
  • Observing others who are further along in the healing process gives a picture of what their own recovery might look like
  • Learning about treatment options, doctors, alternative options, and other methods of recovery

The Journey to Better Health

If you believe that someone you love in Kingsport suffers from mental health issues and needs help, we can help. To get more information about helping them move towards better mental health, call now to speak to an admissions coordinator.

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