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In the past few years, an increase in the number of suicides across the nation has led to more education and prevention efforts. A recent symposium held near Cedar Hill, TX, offered free to the public, focused on helping people deal with crisis situations. By teaching more people how to recognize warning signs and respond appropriately, the organizers hope that suicide can continue to be prevented. The greatest hope is that individuals who feel that suicide is the only option can see that there are healthier, alternative ways to face the difficulties of life.

Treating Depression: Personalized Options for Each Patient

Nine out of every 10 suicides can be linked to mental health problems. Major depression is a mental health disorder that is often linked with suicide. Depression is more than sadness and affects the individual’s entire life. Thankfully, most individuals who receive treatment will recover and resume a normal, healthy life. Treating this disorder usually involves the following components:

  • Psychotherapy. “Talk therapies” are commonly used to treat depression. Individuals meet with a mental health professional weekly or bi-weekly to problem-solve, address underlying trauma, work on communication skills, and plan for the future.
  • Medications. Antidepressants are used to help balance out the individual’s brain chemistry, provide relief from symptoms, and improve mood.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Passing an electric current through the brain to help alleviate symptoms. This therapy is used if the patient cannot take antidepressants for any reason.

Offer Help Before a Crisis Occurs

If you think that someone close to you in Cedar Hill may be experiencing a mental health disorder, help them to find effective treatment. Call now to speak to an admissions coordinator about your loved one’s options in effective mental health care.