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Corpus Christi is a Texas State with a population of about 285,000 and is the 8th largest city in the state of Texas. It’s located by the sea and gets its name from religious contexts. Corpus Christi has a very low unemployment rate of only about 4% and has an economy based in retail, government, wholesale, and it also has a Naval Base. While Corpus Christi might be a beautiful location with a stronger economy when compared to other parts of the country, many members of the population can still find themselves struggling with stress and succumbing to mental health issues and addiction.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety Triggers

Post traumatic stress disorder can certainly be an issue, particularly amongst members of the Navy with a base located in Corpus, Christi Texas. Anyone who has had a severely traumatic experience can suffer from PTSD and it can be physically crippling to those who may have frequent flashbacks of their experiences that can stop them from functioning normally in certain situations. PTSD is a severe psychological issue that is not always taken seriously, but there is treatment that can help to ensure that people are able to cope with their experiences and move on with their lives in a more productive way without being inhibited by this mental health disorder.

Anxiety is another mental health issue that can require treatment before it really takes a toll on an individual’s life. Like PTSD people may believe it’s something they can cope with on their own, but uncontrolled anxiety is so much more than just simple feelings of nervousness, and isn’t something that can usually be overcome without help.

How to Find Help for PTSD and Anxiety

There are inpatient and outpatient treatment options that can help those suffering with mental health disorders like Post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be something that is simply lived with.

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