In Edinburg

If a recent undercover investigation is any indication, it’s no wonder that there is little to no government funding for proper mental health care treatment in Texas. One Edinburg, Texas woman busted a McAllen, TX healthcare group for falsifying medical diagnoses on her medical record and billing Medicare for thousands of dollars worth of services that she did not need. It’s this kind of fraud that bilks an estimated $60 billion a year of taxpayer money, according to ABC News. It’s one of many reasons why there is little funding left to allocate to the mental health treatment that so many in Edinburg, TX need.

Is someone you love in Edinburg dealing with an untreated mental health disorder? Often private mental health treatment is the best and most effective form of treatment available. Contact us today to learn more about your options in care.

Paying for Mental Health Treatment

When you can’t depend on state services or Medicare to pay for mental health treatment, how do you get the financing you need to afford effective mental health care? If you don’t have any savings or wealthy relatives to turn to, you still can afford to get the kind of comprehensive private care that you deserve.

Many look first to their health insurance company. What does your policy cover and in what amount? If it’s not immediately obvious, contact your health insurance provider to make sure you know exactly what you can expect.

Financing is the last stop. For whatever you can’t afford on your own that isn’t covered by health insurance, you can often get financing assistance. All it takes is finding the right mental health treatment provider who will work with your financial needs.

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