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The drunk driving rate in Galveston, Texas and the surrounding area is an issue of prime concern for local law enforcement and the community. Money is being invested into drunk driving checkpoints in order to help get people off the road who are under the influence – before they hurt someone.

Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs can be a devastating decision. It endangers your life as well as the life of others on the roads and sidewalks in Galveston.

Don’t wait to see the red blinking lights in your rearview mirror before asking for help. If you are unable to curb your drinking and know that you are putting yourself and others at risk, call us today to find an alcohol abuse or addiction treatment program that will suit your needs for recovery.

It’s Not a Matter of Willpower

If you can stop drinking on your own and never again get behind the wheel when you drink in moderation, congratulations! You are not living with the medical disorder of alcohol addiction. However, if you are unable to stop drinking on your own, it is not an issue of willpower – it’s a medical disorder and, as a result, you will need medical treatment for the best chance at a new start. Are you ready?

Your New Start Begins Today

A phone call is all that separates you from taking that first step toward a life without risk of DUI or other deadly problems associated with alcohol and other drugs. Call now to speak to a counselor about your options in treatment and get started building a new life without drugs and alcohol.

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