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Where to Find Mental Health Treatment in Harlingen

There are more than 153,000 people incarcerated in the state of Texas and about 18,000 of them are currently taking psychiatric medication – 32,000 were in mental health treatment prior to their incarceration. Many say that what these inmates need is mental health care and not prison time. Advocates for a mental health court that offers treatment rather than incarceration to qualifying offenders say that millions could be saved every year.

A fledgling mental health court program near Harlingen, Texas hopes to prove the advocates right. About 45 people are on probation and getting mental health treatment through the program – people that had been in jail.

Is someone you love in Harlingen living with a mental health disorder that would benefit from treatment? Are you concerned that the behaviors caused by their untreated mental health symptoms will land them in front of a judge? Call us today to learn more about how you can help them get the care they need to improve their symptoms.

Jail Time vs. Mental Health Treatment

In prison, inmates get little in the way of care when it comes to treating their mental health disorders. At best, they may receive a cursory evaluation and diagnosis to pinpoint their illness and then medication. There may be few follow-up appointments to learn how well each patient does with his or her medication and certainly no mental health care to process underlying trauma or identifying co-occurring issues. When released, these patients often go off their medication and immediately find themselves experiencing the same mental health symptoms that got them into trouble in the first place – and start the cycle over again.

Get Your Family Member the Necessary Mental Health Treatment Before They Get in Trouble

Don’t let your Harlingen loved one’s untreated mental health symptoms cause problems for them or for you. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help.

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