In Mission

Across the state of Texas, including in Mission, mental health treatment centers are working hard to balance their budget as state and federal funding is cut more and more each year. It’s not easy to provide a wide range of treatments and therapeutic choices to an increasingly longer list of patients. The result? A long waiting list for a bare-bones treatment program.

Where can residents of Mission, Texas get the treatment they need when they don’t have time to wait for months on a waiting list? Private mental health treatment is often the answer. At the phone number listed above, you can talk to a counselor who can match you to the best possible treatment program for you.

What Is Getting Cut?

With a dwindling budget to work with, what services are getting cut by mental health treatment programs that rely heavily on state and federal funding? Often, the services and amenities that are the first to go include:

  • Highly educated and experienced staff members. Though well-educated medical professionals may continue to run the program, it is often students and interns who work with patients on a daily basis.
  • Patient-to-staff ratio. With less funding, positions are cut and more patients are taken on, decreasing the amount of personal time dedicated to each patient.
  • Time in treatment. Treatment is often cut short after just a few weeks whether or not further help is warranted.
  • Treatment options. Holistic treatments, multiple one-on-one therapy sessions, aftercare services, family therapy sessions – all this and more are often dropped from the program.

Don’t Settle for Cut-Rate Mental Health Treatment

If you’re ready to dedicate yourself to getting well, make sure you choose a mental health treatment program that has the resources to be just as dedicated to your recovery as you are. Contact us now to find the right treatment center for your needs.