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The refinery in Port Arthur, Texas was the focus of great speculation in 2012 due to the financial crisis facing the nation. Locally, the potential for jobs was the most important part of the discussion as Port Arthur residents considered how they would support their families in the wake of the economic depression.

Anxiety and depression as well as substance issues and other mental health issues are often the result of fiscal woes. If someone in your family in Port Arthur is struggling due to depression and anxiety related to economic troubles or another issue, mental health treatment can be helpful in providing the emotional tools to successfully manage whatever may come and provide stability to all in the family.

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Effects of Financial Crisis

Losing a job does more than just zap the family finances. It can cause a host of mental health problems for everyone. Some common issues include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse problems
  • Dysfunctional eating habits
  • Gambling problems

Children and adults can both suffer when a family member loses a job. The loss of stability and worry about the future can be debilitating, even inhibiting efforts to remedy the problem. When issues like gambling or substance abuse become chronic, it only exacerbates the situation and creates an increased need for mental health treatment.

How Will Your Family Benefit From Mental Health Care?

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