In Rowlett

A woman near Rowlett, Texas starved herself to death when she continued to live with anorexia, a deadly eating disorder, in addition to other mental health treatment issues without the dedicated nutritional support she needed to heal. It was a tragedy that escaped the attention of her caregivers and one that exemplifies the worst fear of families in Rowlett who are living with a loved one dealing with an eating disorder.

To many families in Rowlett, TX, when a loved one struggles with disordered eating habits, they believe the problem to be an issue of food choices – just eat more or eat less, depending on the disorder, and everything will be fine. The fact is that an eating disorder is a mental health issue because the eating habits are based on underlying problems like depression, self-esteem, anxiety, and feeling out of control of one’s life. Just learning how to eat more healthfully is not enough; it’s important for patients to seek extensive mental health treatment.

Eating Disorder Treatment Provides Multiple Layers of Care

Patients can learn from a variety of different treatment methods when an eating disorder is the issue. They can benefit from:

  • Personal therapy to work through trauma and underlying issues
  • Nutritional counseling to learn more effective food choices
  • Group therapy to learn from the experience of others
  • Alternative treatments to build confidence and calm

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