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Which age group in Texas has the highest rate of major depressive episodes? The 18-to-25 group at 8.5 percent, according to Texas Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues At-A-Glance published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Characterized by an inability to function in daily life and a general feeling of numbness or depression, this can signify a much larger mental health disorder or a chronic issue with depression.

If someone you love in Sugar Land, Texas is living with major depressive episodes, contact us at the phone number listed above and find out how you can help them enroll in a mental health treatment program that will be able to provide them with the care they need to heal.

How Are Major Depressive Episodes Treated?

Major depressive episodes can be treated on multiple levels, depending upon the specific symptoms experienced, their duration and their severity. Treatment will be different for everyone so it is important that you are forthcoming in your description of what you’re thinking and feeling, and the goals you have for your treatment, when you speak to your doctor or therapist.

Some possible options for your mental health treatment program include:

  • Medication. Antidepressants may be an option for some patients, either in the short or long term.
  • Talk therapy. Venting, sharing your experiences, and working through underlying trauma and stress can help to limit your experience with depressive episodes.
  • Behavioral therapy. Learning how to shift your perspective can completely alter your experience in life.
  • Holistic treatments. Acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, meditation – all these and more can augment your mental health treatment program.

Where Do I Find Treatment for Major Depressive Episodes?

Call now to speak with a treatment expert who can help you find the best possible mental health treatment center for your needs or those of your Sugar Land loved one. Contact us today.

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