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The County Health Rankings and Roadmaps study reports that Smith County is at 28 percent for obesity (three percent higher than the national average) and ranked at 26 percent for physical inactivity (well above the 21 percent national average). This translates into a high rate of food addiction issues and eating disorders for residents of Smith County, Texas – and families in Tyler, Texas are included in that number.

Does someone you love in Tyler, TX have a problem with anorexia, overeating, binge eating or another food disorder? Contact us today to learn more about your options in mental health treatment.

Eating Disorders and Food Addiction Issues Are Treatable

Obesity is a problem for a third of the country. Another third of Americans struggle with being overweight. For many, food addiction issues are at the root of the problem; for others, an ongoing battle with eating disorders is the cause of fluctuations in weight.

No matter what the cause of your weight problem, if you find that you are unable to handle the issue through healthful dietary changes and exercise on your own, then mental health treatment may be the key. For many, issues of depression, trauma, stress or grief underlie the problems with food; address those through psychotherapy and you will be able to find positive coping skills that replace raiding the pantry.

For those who have serious mental health disorders related to food, like anorexia or bulimia, mental health treatment is not just an option – it’s imperative. Untreated eating disorders are deadly; many patients die of malnutrition or the slow breakdown of the body due to a lack of nutrients. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) specifically has been shown to be effective in reducing behaviors associated with eating disorders and to reduce the rate of relapse.

Find Eating Disorder Treatment Today

Though Tyler, Texas is a nice place to call home, it may not offer the comprehensive medical care necessary to heal from an eating disorder or another mental health disorder. There are, however, a number of top-rated mental health treatment programs around the country that can get you the medical and psychotherapeutic care you need to heal. Call now.

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