Treatment Directory

Treatment Directory

All across the United States, there are men and women from every age group and social demographic who are suffering from mental health disorders. In order to help match these individuals with the treatment that can benefit them the most, we have compiled a state-by-state mental health center treatment directory.

What to Expect During Mental Health Treatment

Although every mental health treatment center is unique, there are a number of common elements among them that all potential patients should expect. Understanding more about these processes allows individuals to “hit the ground running” with their treatment – and avoid any of the common pitfalls that impact the unaware.

Common components of mental health treatment include:

  • Evaluation. Upon arrival at a treatment center, medical professionals will evaluate your condition so that you receive the most effective form of care available.
  • Counseling. Counseling and therapy make up the bulk of most mental health treatment programs. During these individual and group sessions, the individual learns more about her condition, and develops strategies for coping with, and overcoming, the symptoms associated with the illness.
  • Aftercare. Learning how to cope in the “real world” after treatment is over plays a key role in the ongoing success of treatment. Aftercare provides support, preparation and more to those who “graduate” from treatment.

Different Types of Mental Health Care

In the Mental Health Referral treatment directory, you’ll find different types of mental health and substance abuse treatment centers. Most notable among the different styles of care you will see listed here are:

  • Residential treatment centers
  • Outpatient treatment centers
  • Treatment centers for women
  • Holistic treatment centers
  • Teen treatment centers and more.
The treatment center directory on Mental Health Treatment is created using resources made available in the public domain. If you would like a listing removed, edited or added please contact us. If you are trying to reach a resource listing on one of the pages, please contact them directly through their website or contact information provided.