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Norfolk, Virginia Mental Health Treatment Center Listings

Norfolk, Virginia is the state’s second largest city. It has a population of approximately 237,000 inhabitants, and is considered a metropolitan area. Surrounded by bays of water, Norfolk is considered a historical town, filled with economical opportunity and military support. The Norfolk Naval Base is considered one of the largest of its kind in the United States, and is also home to the North Atlantic Treaty Organizational headquarters. Norfolk also has a warm climate, and is popular amongst tourists and residents. Though this city seems to be an ideal place for residents, many still have problems with addiction, depression, and anxiety. Unfortunately, no matter how prosperous your city may be, addiction and mood disorders are still apparent.

Norfolk Addiction Issues and Mood Disorders

No matter one’s race or social status, addiction can plague people of any age. Addiction may happen in the form of illegal or prescription drugs, or alcohol. Unfortunately, dependency on substances often leads to addiction, which follows with some type of mood disorder. Whether it is depression or anxiety, there is help for those who are suffering. Addiction can have devastating consequences for family members and friends, but is mostly dangerous for the dependant individual.

Norfolk Solutions for Addiction and Recovery

Fortunately, Norfolk has many different options for help with substance dependency and mood disorders. There are many centers for alcohol detoxification, drug rehabilitation programs, diagnosis, and drug addiction programs. Residents of Norfolk can always speak with their family doctors, local clinics or hospitals, to get a referral to a specialist. Mood disorder clinics and psychotherapy is also an option for those suffering with the after effects of addiction.

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