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Bellevue, Washington is a small city that is located just across Lake Washington. The city is rapidly growing. In 2000, it had a population of just over 100,000, but by 2009, it had grown to over 125,000. With this kind of increase in population, there are bound to be many people dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction in the city. Being so close to Seattle, many people come into Bellevue. When this happens, there are usually many cases of substance abuse. This is why there are numerous detoxification centers in the immediate area.

Options of Detoxification

Detoxification occurs when the body gets rid of a toxic substance. In the case of drug addiction, this occurs when the drug is no longer present in the body. When a patient enters into detox, they will address their drug addiction and begin their battle to overcome it. The ultimate goal with detoxification is to take the foreign substance out of the body and allow the person to go through a healing process. While this sounds simple enough, it is anything but simple. Detox often results in severe withdrawal symptoms which can create some medical and psychological issues for the patient.

In some cases, people may be ordered into detox by the court system. For these people, their success rate is on the low side. They are full of resentment and will not cooperate with their treatment plan. On the other hand, those who willingly enter into treatment will usually succeed. Beating a drug addiction is a lengthy process, so the patient must be devoted to healing.

Benefits of Detox

The main benefit of going through detoxification is not being dependent on the substance any longer. Once the substance is gone from the body and does not enter again, the person will begin to learn how to live life without the dependency. Detox is one of the most important steps in any treatment program. No matter what addiction the patient is battling, detoxification centers in Bellevue can help them beat the addiction.

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