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When police encountered an armed mentally ill woman in Bremerton, Washington, they were forced to take action. Her boyfriend said that she had been up for days having a conversation with imaginary people and that she was armed with knives. One of the officers discharged his weapon five times, hitting the woman – who was charging him at the time – four times.

The woman’s injuries were not life-threatening, but the situation is one that exemplifies a common problem. Too often, those who need mental health treatment do not get the help they need until their symptoms create a threat of harm. At that point, it is not mental health professionals who step in but law enforcement who are often put in impossible positions that are life-threatening both to them and to the patient.

Early Intervention

The sooner you recognize the signs of a mental health disorder in your loved one, the sooner you can help them limit their experience of all the negative consequences that come when mental health symptoms go untreated. Learning about the early intervention options available to your loved one in mental health treatment is often the first step to helping them.

In most cases, the following services are recommended:

  • Personal therapy session
  • Group sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Holistic treatment options like acupuncture, yoga and meditation

Additionally, a number of other services are chosen based on their ability to serve the patient’s individual symptoms and needs.

We Can Help

If you would like assistance in finding a program that can start your Bremerton loved one off on the right foot in mental health treatment, we’re here to assist you. Call now. We’re standing by.

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