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People dealing with mental health concerns often frequent emergency rooms across the nation. Not knowing where else to turn, many individuals end up in the ER. Washington Governor Jay Inslee is working to bring more money to the state’s mental health system to relieve the burden currently felt by hospitals. His plan is to solidify care for those who are already being treated as well as clear the backlog of individuals currently awaiting treatment. These measures would go a long way to ensure better care for people in towns like Longview, WA, who are in need of treatment.

Finishing a Treatment Program

In the event that an individual is placed in an inpatient program, he will receive round-the-clock care and supervision. Upon finishing the program, families may wonder what the next step is for their loved one. Below are some questions to ask in anticipation of the loved one’s discharge:

  • What information or training will the family receive to help them care for their loved one?
  • If the individual is taking medication, how long will they continue taking it?
  • If medication will continue to be given, what are the medications? Also, what kinds of side effects should be expected?
  • Will this individual continue to need counseling? If so, what kinds of aftercare or follow-up programs are offered for the individual?
  • What should the family do in case of a relapse or mental health crisis?

Steps Toward Healing

Getting help for mental health issues is a major step toward healing and recovery. Call today if your Longview loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder and needs help. We can assist you right now.

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