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For those who advocate for the mentally ill, gaining the support of the government is a crucial part of their advocacy. In early 2013, mental health advocates from around Washington State gathered in Olympia to speak with legislators from 18 districts. The group of advocates hosted a luncheon for the state legislators in order to request support for new legislation affecting mental health care across the state. For those residents of Washington who struggle with mental health issues, it is comforting to know that they have people advocating for them.

Recognizing a Mental Health Disorder

Many people are unfamiliar with mental health issues and might not recognize symptoms in someone close to them. One disorder that comes with symptoms that may or may not be immediately recognized by family members is borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is a serious mental health condition, but it is also treatable with appropriate care and support. This condition causes unstable moods, a warped self-image and impulsiveness, and it often leads to unstable relationships. Those with this condition often suffer from a number of symptoms:

  • Intense mood swings, strong depressive episodes
  • Extreme, inappropriate anger
  • Self-harming behavior, such as cutting oneself
  • Suicide attempts, behaviors or threats
  • Volatile personal relationships
  • Feeling empty or chronically bored
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Reckless and impulsive behaviors such as drug abuse, uncontrolled spending of money, or risky sex

Help Is Waiting for Your Loved One

If you suspect that someone you love in Olympia needs help coping with mental health issues, there are ways to help them. Call us today to learn more about treatment options that can help your loved one learn to cope with a mental health disorder.

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