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Renton Options for Mental Health Treatment

One woman from Renton, Washington was reportedly so desperate to get the mental health treatment she felt she needed that she committed a felony robbery in order to receive a jail sentence that would put her in contact with mental health professionals. It’s certainly a sad commentary on the priorities of the Washington budget when residents feel they must get arrested in order to receive medical attention.

Is someone in your family living with mental health symptoms in Renton but at a loss as to how to get effective and evidence-based mental health treatment? At the phone number listed here, counselors are standing by to help guide you to a mental health treatment center that has all the resources you need to make progress. Call now.

Building a New Life

When you are at the mercy of untreated mental health symptoms, it can be difficult to make long-term plans for yourself. You may lack interest in your life or get distracted so often that no firm hopes and dreams come into focus for you.

When you undergo a thorough evaluation and get an accurate diagnosis, you can get effective health care that helps you limit and manage your symptoms as needed. This can open up a world of opportunities for you, including:

  • Renewed and new relationships
  • Job and business opportunities
  • Improved physical as well as mental health
  • Improved quality of life

Enjoy the Benefits of Balance: Call Today

Mental health treatment can put you on the path to a life in Renton that is characterized by balance and contentment. Don’t wait to learn more about the treatment services that can help you get where you want to be. Call now.

Renton Treatment Centers

Valley Cities Counseling & Consultation
923 Powell Ave SW, STE 100
Renton WA, 98057

Renton WA, 98057

Valley Medical Ctr-Clinic – Grace Gamponia MD
4033 Talbot Road S # 570
Renton WA, 98055

Debbie Smith
4300 Talbot Road South
Renton WA, 98055

Morgan Counseling Alchl and Drug
451 SW 10th Street # 215
Renton WA, 98057

3001 NE 4TH ST
Renton WA, 98056

Valley Family Medicine – Daniel J Herman MD
3915 Talbot Road S # 401
Renton WA, 98055

Pamela Yung MD
3915 Talbot Road S # 401
Renton WA, 98055

200 S 2ND ST
Renton WA, 98057

Brooks Institute of Hypnosis
212 Wells Avenue South Suite H
Renton WA, 98057

Friends of Youth (Griffin Home)
2500 Lake Washington Blvd N
Renton WA, 98056

Renton Area Youth & Family Services
1025 S 3rd St Ste B
Renton WA, 98055

10700 SE 174TH ST STE 101
Renton WA, 98055

Society of Novus Spiritus
16720 116th Avenue SE # B5
Renton WA, 98058

Palmer Richard J PhD
Renton WA, 98055

Group Health Cooperative – Area Medical Centers, Renton, Pediatric Appointments, Pharmacy
Renton WA, 98055