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More than 200,000 people living in Washington State are dealing with issues related to a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance. In 2006, more than 800 Washingtonians took their own lives – a tragedy that is almost always caused by an untreated mental illness.

Are mental health problems a problem for you or someone in your family in Spokane Valley, Washington? If so, we can help you find the mental health care you need to learn how to deal with symptoms effectively. Call now.

When Grief Is Overwhelming

Few people realize that mental health treatment can be necessary when grief over a loved one’s passing lingers for months at a time. The average person should be functional within six months of losing a close friend or family member, but for many people, intense or chronic grief can last much longer. It is in this case that mental health treatment should be sought.

Some signs that grief treatment may be necessary include:

  • Constantly thinking about your lost loved one
  • Sleep disruption (e.g., insomnia or inability to get out of bed)
  • Problems functioning at work
  • Inability to maintain relationships with other family members and friends
  • Inability to accept that your loved one is gone

Grief Disorder Is Treatable: Call Today for Help

If you or someone you care about in Spokane Valley, WA is unable to move forward after losing a loved one, it may be time to seek help through mental health treatment. Contact us today at the phone number listed above to speak with a counselor about your symptoms and learn about the types of treatment that may be effective for you. Call now.

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