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The Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance granted $50,000 to the Rock County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) in Janesville, Wisconsin in order to boost resources available to residents who require mental health treatment. Unfortunately, the small grant may do little to bring about real change in the mental health treatment system, forcing residents to look elsewhere for the help they need to effectively manage negative mental health symptoms.

Is someone you love in Janesville, WI fighting to maintain a sense of balance and equilibrium despite debilitating mental health symptoms? A comprehensive mental health treatment program is often the best way to help them. Call now to speak to a treatment expert about options in treatment.

Is Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Necessary?

Depending upon the symptoms experienced by your Janesville loved one, inpatient care may be the best option during the first weeks of treatment. The benefits include:

  • Distance from stressors at home that may worsen symptoms
  • Round-the-clock care to prevent suicide attempts
  • 24-hour monitoring to track changes and adjust medications
  • A solid foundation in therapeutic skills to continue building after the return home

While outpatient care is almost always the first choice in treatment for those who can still maintain regular daily schedules despite their mental health symptoms, inpatient care may be prudent for those who struggle with medical issues as a result of their disorder and those who may hurt themselves or others without medical supervision.

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